The Warrenton Branch Greenway


Greenways are linear parks that incorporate green infrastructure into our communities, usaually in the form of stream valleys, riverfronts, ridgelines, and overland corridors. Their value lies in their diversity; linking peoples' homes with parks, places of work, schools, and communities; providing safer avenues for transportation; increasing green space; creating migration corridors for wildlife whose natural routes may have been disrupted by development; and offering sight and sound barriers.

Warrenton Branch Greenway

Warrenton Branch Greenway

The Warrenton Branch Greenway is a wonderful hiking and biking trail that was developed by the Fauquier Trails Coalition, Fauquier County Parks & Recreation and the Town of Warrenton. Utilizing a Virginia Department of Transportation grant, 1.48 miles of the old Warrenton Branch of the Southern Railway was transformed. The trail stretches from the Railyard trail head behind the Depot Restaurant in downtown Warrenton to the Old Meetz Trailhead on the cul-de-sac at old Meetze Road, adjacent to Warrenton Mini Storage. [View Greenway Map]

Get Involved on the Greenway

Like the Friends of the Warrenton Caboose, the Fauquier Trails Coalition also has the need for volunteers. If you love getting out, communing with nature, and walking the Warrenton Branch, consider getting involved with one of the following activities:

To obtain more information, contact Parks & Recreation at 540-422-8560.

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