Current Projects

These are some of the projects we are working on this year. Of course, these are in addition to our ongoing efforts of maintaining #518554. She requires a lot of tender loving care! There is always the need for an extra set of hands with ongoing projects. Please consider getting involved with the Friends of the Warrenton Caboose and helping out with the interesting work we have going on!

Derail Derail and Operating Stand
We are in the process of installing a derail and operating stand to demonstrate it's important use and function on the railroad. Derails are often installed at the beginning of a rail siding to prevent a rail car from accidentally rolling into the path of a train on the mainline.
Interior Interpretive Displays
We have always had interpretive displays within the caboose, but this year we are developing a more cohesive and professional set of informational panels that will help educated visitors. Our goal is to have several sets which can be rotated during the season.
Ongoing Events
In addition to our monthly scheduled openings and special Track Talk presentations, we continue to be a partner with Fauquier County Parks & Recreation in hosting the annual Holiday on the Greenway event. We hope to add new events as interest grows and resources become available.

Some of Our Completed Projects

Trackside Phone Trackside Phone Box
We have completed the construction of a replica Southern Railway trackside phone box to house a vintage railroad telephone. The new display is located on the telegraph pole located beside the shanty at the caboose. We will have the phone box open during regular caboose tours for you to check out the vintage railroad telephone.
Caboose Interpretive Sign Caboose Interpretive Display
A new interpretive display is available across the trail from the caboose! The new cutaway depiction of the Warrenton Caboose will help visitors see what is in the caboose at times when we are closed. The original artwork for the sign was done by local artist Andrew Ruddle, who also did the turntable interpretive sign. We are so excited for you to come by any time and check it out!
Turntable Interpretive Sign
We are excited to have completed a new interpretive sign for the old Warrenton railroad turntable this year! Working with local artist Andrew Ruddle, this exciting and original presentation explains a little of the turntable's history and graphically demonstrates how the it was used to turn locomotives on the branchline.
Securit Monitoring
We have installed several security cameras that will assist in the protection of the caboose and surrounding structures. There have been far too many (albeit one is too many) acts of vandelism of which could have been documented. This system now provides us with 24/7 monitoring of the caboose and surrounding displays.
Vintage Railroad Signs
Over the past several years a series of vintage cast iron railroad signs have been installed along the Warrenton Branch Greenway for all to enjoy. Be sure to check them our on your next walk! Here is a little explanation of two of the signs you will see.
Shanty Crossing Deck
Completed during the 2012 season, this crossing deck was added to allow visitors a safer passage across the tracks to the displays in the switchman's shanty.
Position Light Signal
Shortly after the completion of the caboose restoration, a vintage Norfolk & Western position light signal was installed at the foot of the 5th street overpass. Since then the signal has been wired and the lights can be operated from within the shanty. We illuminate the signal during our scheduled openings and all special events.
Shanty Displays
When open, the recreated switchman's shanty contains a wealth of railroad artifacts. Some of the tools were actually used during the installation of the railroad track for the caboose! Be sure to check it our next time it is open.